The Road Ahead

The Aarohini Initiative has created an easily replicable model. Through the economies of scale, the program cost in the coming years will reach an all-time low of less than $160 per participant per training. In addition, manuals are being prepared that will assist Aarohini in connecting, collaborating and partnering with other NGOs to spread the pioneering ethos of the Aarohini Initiative.

As for the project’s future plans, Dr. Sahni is currently working on creating a training, manual, and model that is centered on boys. This will give Aarohini the ability to spread into all boys schools and mixed schools, allowing the initiative to reach thousands more schools and a wider audience across India.

The Aarohini Initiative also plans to form leaders among the trained teachers. These leaders shall be called the Key Resource Person (KRP) within their network. Each KRP will serve as a liaison between Aarohini, the support network, and five government schools. They will also ensure that all identified cases of the violation of girls’ rights are registered and addressed.

The Aarohini Initiative will continually communicate to governmental officials so that the model becomes part of all Indian schools through institutionalization. In 2017, they will be training Basic Education Officers and the District Coordinators from all 73 districts in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This training will help build a support system within the government to gradually build capacity within the government machinery to sustain and carry the movement forward.

The Aarohini team is continually excited and motivated by the future potential. Through the hard work that is currently going into the program, the team will be able to see an even greater impact in the years to come.