Teacher Testimony and Feedback

According to the teachers, unlike other gender programs, Aarohini provides them with methodologies and tools for engaging their students, the vocabulary to address gender issues, and the intrinsic personal connection to their own lives as women that serves as motivation. They believe that Aarohini adds value above and beyond other gender programs, because it goes one step further in addressing the challenges girls face as they transition from adolescence to adulthood and doesn't shy away from discussing difficult issues. Furthermore, it is often the first time the teachers themselves have an opportunity to reflect upon and express their own experiences of gender discrimination and identify the effects of a patriarchal system in their lives. These honest conversations empower and inspire teachers to act and implement Aarohini in their schools in an effort to create a better outcome for girls. A few teachers share their thoughts and reflections after the training below:

“I was married off when I was just 16 years old. I had to face domestic violence and was put under a lot of constraint. The knew that continuing my education was the only way to find my identity. I completed by bachelors in education and went on to find this job at KGBV. But my inlaws have not changed and I had given up all hope of altering their mindset but now after talking to you all I feel I should give it another shot. I have decided that from today I will no longer tolerate their abusive behaviour” - Girija, KGBV teacher from Kurebhar, Sultanpur
“I was a tom-boy before marriage and was introduced to the harsh reality of being a girl in a patriarchal setup only after I saw my parents struggling to meet the dowry demands. I also had trouble adjusting after marriage as too many restrictions were put on me. I used to cry a lot and no one cared. I had accepted this as my destiny but after this training I feel I am empowered enough to change things” - Divya, KGBV teacher from Sitapur
“I was educated and I always urged my husband to let me go out and work but he did not let me. I continued to pursue my case and then came a time when we started facing financial difficulties. It was during that time my mother in law supported me and let me go out to work. My husband did not talk to me for a year but now things are back to normal. But somewhere deep down I regretted going against my husband but now after this training session I no longer harbour that regret. I strongly believe I did the right thing” - Mamta, KGBV teacher from Akbarabad, Aligarh.
“This was the first time in my life that I was in an environment where I could speak my mind without the fear of being judged. I felt like I had been freed from a cage. Please do call me again for such trainings.” - Shail Kumari KGVB Tiloi, Amethi
“I was always afraid to speak up for the fear of being judged. I never thought about myself and my rights. I always put my family first. But now that I have been a part of this Aarohini Initiative, this will change.” - Priyanka, KGBV Hardoi.
“Before I came for this training I had a student who was forced into a child marriage and I thought that if the police is not doing anything what can I do. I wish I had met the Aarohini team earlier. I would have known what to do. From now onwards I will do everything in my power to stop child marriages” - Pratima, KGBV teacher from Sevapuri, Varanasi.
“I was not very happy when I was called for this training during summer vacations but now I realise that I would have missed out on some of the most important life lessons had I missed out on this training” - Ruhi Badrudin, teacher at Vidyasthali School, Malihabad