Study Hall School Eminent Speaker

The staff and students of Study Hall had the rare privilege of meeting Mr Muzzafar Ali, the noted filmmaker and fashion designer, a poet, an artist, a music-lover, a revivalist, and a social worker who visited the school along with other prominent lucknowites, Mr Jayant Krishna, Chairman CSI, Lucknow and Regional Manager & Head, Tata Consultancy Services and Mr Chander Prakash, a crusader for the city under the Connect Lucknow program.

Muzzafar Ali at Study Hall

Dr Urvashi Sahni, President, Study Hall Educational Foundation and Mr Kevin Dacosta, Principal, Study Hall School, welcomed the guests.

Mr Jayant Krishna spoke about the Connect Lucknow program and showcased the different facets of the vibrant city of Lucknow through its history, monuments, culture, cuisine, handicrafts and its Ganga Jamuni tehzeeb which gives it a unique identity. He highlighted the sense of nostalgia that each citizen has for the city and the vision to facilitate development of Lucknow as one of the most liveable cities in India where every citizen enjoys a high quality of life and access to basic services and amenities and where local culture, craft and heritage are preserved and promoted. This can be envisaged through the proactive support of the citizens specially the student community who are the hope for the future.

Muzaffar Ali at Study Hall

Mr Muzzafar Ali interacted freely with teachers and students alike and stressed the need to imbibe a sense of pride and identification with one’s roots. He expressed his desire to empower the craftsmen to keep the handicrafts alive. In his inimitable ‘shayarana andaaz’ he highlighted the role of students in bringing about the desired social changes. To elucidate his thoughts he used soulful Urdu couplets with the message of peace and love. He exhorted the students to follow their heart and indulge in their passions for a fulfilling life.

The students were delighted to be in his august company and in the lively interaction that followed, they asked him questions on a wide gamut ranging from film making, creative arts to the need and ways of preserving the art and heritage of Lucknow. They were quite enthused by his witty repartee and impressed at his deep understanding of the language, culture and history of the region and his persistent efforts of revival to bring Lucknow on the world map.

The visitors congratulated the students for their mature and thought provoking questions and their sensitivity to the ever changing needs of the environment and their pride in being a Lucknowite. The school’s initiative to foster innovative, rational and out of the box thinking in the student community was also lauded by them.

Mr. Chander Prakash, a prominent lucknowite also spoke on the occasion and urged the students to save their culture and identify with the tehzeeb of the city.

It was an enriching experience and the students evinced a lot of interest in the program and they look forward to more celebrity visits to the campus.