Study Hall School Academics

Junior School

Study Hall Junior School is a delightful place , reverberating with the joyous sounds of around 450 children from class I to class V. They are looked after by 14 class-teachers and 16 subject teachers. The emphasis is on letting the children’s innate abilities and talents blossom and also on helping them to acquire new skills in a caring and nurturing environment.

All teaching is done through the Project Method. An interesting theme is taken up every trimester and all subjects are woven around it. In the language classes, children do creative writing, in science they make models, in maths, the sums are related to the theme, they use the computer period and the A.V. room to learn more about topic and the music, art and dance teachers also weave the same theme in their lessons to provide a complete learning experience.

At Study Hall , we firmly believe in the theory of multiple intelligences . We provide avenues and each child eventually shines in one sphere or the other. All activities help in reaching this goal. We also believe that the small child learns best in a stress free environment. There are , therefore , no tests or exams , yet the child is continuously assessed by the teachers and they are in close touch with the parents.

The children when they come to the Junior School learn to be more independent, taking care of their library books, dressing up after swimming, imbibing the discipline of Yoga and following the formal rules of games. Class V loves to flaunt its senior-most status, performing various duties throughout the year.

Senior School

The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education with 10+2 System of education. The board administers two examinations:-

(a) All India Secondary School Examination at the end of class X.

(b) The Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination at the end of class XII. Both examinations are held in March.

Courses Offered

The school offers courses in all the three streams SCIENCE, COMMERCE and HUMANITIES at the class 12 level with the latest subjects keeping in mind the growing needs of students.

Download Syllabus (2018-19)

Please click on the links below to download syllabus for the respective grade.

Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Class 6 Class 7 Class 8 Class 9 Class 10 Class 11 Class 12

Learning Principle

Learning is intrinsically meaningful and enjoyable. Like all of us, children are natural learners with an innate curiosity, need and desire to make sense of themselves, other people and the world they find themselves in.

Kinds of Learning

The kinds of “learning” we are trying to foster in the children under our care are........

Issue Based Teaching

We believe that students should be aware of the issues of poverty, gender, class, caste, religion etc that play a major role in their world. They are sensitized to connect real world issues to regular curriculum from the class syllabus. We are not educating our children to adapt passively to a society which is far from optimal, but hope rather that our children will be able to think critically caringly and independently about the problems that beset the society they live in and to adopt the role of pro active citizens to make a meaningful difference to the world around them.

NimbleQ- A Creative and Non-Linear Learning Programs at Study Hall

Our mission is to set the stage for children to excel in a hyper-dynamic environment through our creative and non-linear learning programs.

NimbleQ offers Art and Digital Technology driven programs to steer young minds towards creativity and innovative thinking at a very early age so that they succeed in any endeavor, be it an entrepreneurship or a job.


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