Study Hall Educational Foundation Reaching for the Sky

Reaching for the Sky is the compelling narrative of how Prerna Girls School has changed the lives of more than 5,000 girls and their families. More importantly, it is through the perspectives of the girls themselves, rather than a remote academic viewpoint, that the story of Prerna's success unfolds. In her book, Dr. Urvashi Sahni focuses on the importance of education in bringing about gender equality in a patriarchal society. She explains how girls learn to be equal and autonomous persons in school as part of their official curriculum, and how they use this knowledge to transform not only their own lives but those of their families as well. The book argues that education has the power to be truly transformative if it addresses the everyday reality of girls' lives, and responds to their special needs and challenges with respect and care. This example, this message, and these stories will inspire anyone concerned about the need for girls' education and gender equality, especially in developing countries. The lives of the girls at Prerna Girls School are largely representative of those of millions living in poor regions worldwide, where patriarchal structures and norms prevail.

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