Prerna Girls School Donors & Supporters

A task, such as the one we have undertaken at Prerna – educating, feeding, clothing and empowering over 650 girls – is not something we, or anyone, can do alone. It takes a team effort by individuals in their own right directly or indirectly involved in helping better the future of the girls studying at Prerna. In addition to all the support we can get, we cannot do without financial support from any likeminded individual who is in a position to and wants to support us financially.

We would not be able to sustain our efforts without the financial support we are so generously provided with by our donors and supporters. We will always remain grateful to all those who have supported us in the past and those who continue to support us selflessly.

While our financial supporters are modest about advertising their philanthropy and do not want it to be advertised, we have a list of references with us along with details of how we spend the funds received from various quarters. Any enquiry will be given the utmost importance – please consider supporting at least one Prerna Girl. Visit us at Prerna – Vipul Khand 2, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow and be a part of our team. The more the number of our supporters the more our outreach.