Prerna Girls School Academics

Prerna has a dedicated staff of 16 teachers who work with girl children to overcome the obstacles that illiteracy, poverty, violence, and discrimination place in a child's path. These girls have access to the same infrastructure and facilities as the Study Hall children and the school believes in going a step further ie. to integrate activities such as theatre workshops, quizzes, creative writing, dramatics, singing, painting, dance, music, sports and yoga in the school curriculum, thus contributing towards the all round development of children. The school also organizes picnics, excursions and film shows. Prerna has a computer education programme and children enjoy their computer periods.

In addition to this Prerna imparts vocational training as well. 20 girls of Class XI have been trained and hired by Study Hall (a co-ed school for the privileged children)and Dosti (a school for the children with special needs) as interns. Their role is to assist the Computer teachers as well as the teachers in Dosti. Besides this the girls are learning tie and dye, embroidery and craftwork. The finished goods are exhibited and sold during festivals and at the Study Hall School fete. Girls have also learnt “Henna Application” and earn some extra money during the wedding season.

They work as :-

Regular health check-ups are conducted free of cost for Prerna Girls. Every year Dr Chawla at Prakash Netra Kendra facilitates free eye check ups for Prerna girls. He also operated a child who had a squint in the eye recently. On 8th February 2008, Help age India facilitated an “Eye Check-up”. On 26th April 2008, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Dental College will be organizing a free dental checkup for all Prerna students.