The Prep School Rules & Regulations

The children need to come to school punctually, regularly and in proper school uniform.
2. The parents are expected to send a leave application when the child is absent. The parents should take a prior appointment with the class teacher and come and take the work which the child has missed during his/her absence.
3. We arrange regular meeting and orientations in order to keep in close touch with parents. Parents are expected to co-operate by attending these events faithfully. They can make appointments with their children's class teacher, should they wish to meet her at other times.
4. The parents are also called to the children's classroom every term twice once as a Helper Parent to observe the class proceedings and their children's response and progress in class; and once for the Parent Activity day to share their knowledge and special skill with all the children in their children's class.
5. The parents are expected to work in co-operation with the teacher for an overall development of the child. They should regularly guide, check and supervise the children's work at home.