The Prep School Academics

We lay emphasis on academics, but in such a way that the children do not feel burdened or pressurized. We have a syllabus-but our syllabus is not time bound. We teach the children in a way that they can learn comfortably at their own pace and give us valuable inputs. Our teaching is interactive which makes academics –a happy experience for both, teacher and children. We try to help our children and to ensure that they emerge not only with literacy and numeric skills, but more importantly, as secure individuals, sure of their special worth. We work towards making our school a “community of learners”, based upon a foundation of mutual support, caring, and trust- one, in which we are constantly learning from each other. Evaluation is done only with the motive of helping the children learn better and NOT with the idea of passing judgment on them. They’re in school to learn and to be helped in learning, and NOT to perform and be judged. Learning is too complex a process to be gauged adequately by marks and grades. Moreover, these end up assuming a disproportionate importance in the minds of children, parents and teachers, perverting the learning endeavor and becoming the end towards which learning is directed. As such we have abandoned the minimalistic and often humiliating practice of grading, ranking or marking in our classrooms.

We lay emphasis on-

-Language Development.
-Development of Cognitive Skills.
-Development of Fine Motor Skills.
-Development of Gross Motor Skills.
-Help them connect with themselves & our environment.
-Social & emotional development.
-Development towards humanistic values & positive self esteem.


We have many events in school like celebration of festivals, class projects, sports events, flower show, salad presentation show, craft exhibition and school fete etc. throughout the entire academic term. The main event is the Annual Concert or the Sports Day. We ensure that all the children participate in the various events. Through these events they learn to be social, learn new skills and gain in confidence. Children are all very creative, needing the freedom and the opportunity to discover their own hidden depths, which flower and blossom, given a hospitable climate.