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Success Story - Nidhi Pandey

Age: 21 years

Age at which child marriage was attempted: 16 years   

Current Status: Completed BA (first division) and is working in DOSTI as special educator earning more than Rs 50,000 per annum.   

Intervention approach: Prerna teachers somehow got the contact details of the to be groom of Nidhi and dissuaded him from doing so. When Prerna teachers said that they had documentary proof that Nidhi was underage and threatened to call the police the boy had a change of heart. Finally after much deliberation the marriage was called off.   

Summary: Nidhi was about to appear for her class 10th exams when her elder sister - who was engaged and was about to get married - eloped with her paramour. Fearing public defamation, Nidhi’s parents decided to marry her to the to be groom of her elder sister. She happily agreed as she did not want her parents to feel bad and invitations cards were also printed. Later when Prerna teachers came to know of this they intervened and stopped the marriage.

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